How to Cook Rice on Gas Stove, Learn to Cook Rice

Sorting out some way to cook rice takes after riding a bike. At the point when you understand how to make delicate, astounding rice as a matter of course, you adequately reiterate the cycle over and over and can’t resist considering how your rice ever turned out any in a startling manner. Hearty shaded or white rice or some other kind you like is a staple in unlimited dishes, so acknowledging how to make magnificent burner rice yourself is a pretty critical ability.

You could use unpolished rice or ukda chaval which are unfathomable for prosperity or extraordinary assistance. Typically, people dodge rice for decreasing weight, however having little rice won’t hurt your prosperity. As they are extraordinary for absorption. Buy auto ignition gas stove to easily cook rice.

Rice is exorbitantly sublime not to acknowledge how to make with no issue. It’s the most flawlessly awesome side dish for so a wide scope of suppers, and ingests sauces like a dream. Pair a scoop of delicate rice with anything from Asian dishes like Chicken, Broccoli and Sugar Snap Pea Stir Fry, Spicy Stir-Fried Beef and Vegetables or Lemon and Scallion Chicken Stir Fry. Or of course serve it with Mustard and Maple Pork Kebabs or Citrus Basil Shrimp Kebabs. There is very few sustenance can be considered that don’t accessory well with rice.

A completely cooked rice is appropriate for making such a rice recipe. In Italian cooking risotto rice is used which is short grained rice. One needs to acknowledge which sort of rice you are using as the cooking cycle would depend upon that. In India there are various kinds of rice available. A part of the notable ones is basmati, natural hued rice, ambe mohar rice (mango sprout), Kolam, Surti Kolam and Parimal rice. Ambe mohar rice are used basically for making khichdi as they are less complex to measure. Various types of rice like Parimal and Kolam rice are used in consistently cooking as rice ends up being our staple eating schedule.

Nevertheless, in the occasion that you’re thinking about making burned rice, by then virus rice can be your buddy. Cold rice is similarly amazing in a frittata, and adds surface and take to soups, things being what they are.

Fixing utilized:

(American estimating cup, 1 cup = 250 ml)

  • 2 cups basmati rice
  • 6 cups water
  • salt as required
  • few saffron strands (discretionary)

How to make the Rice recipe?

  • Firstly, flush the rice with your hand under running fixture water. Flush for 3-4 times at any rate.
  • Add water to the vessel and spot over the gas stove. Moreover, add salt.
  • Allow to stew and cook uncovered on high warmth.
  • After 5 mins you would see some rice skimming on top.
  • You would see the rice has almost increased its size and the water rising. Presently reduce the glow.
  • Once you see the water permeating and rising to the top. Check if the rice has cooked, by then channel all the water with the help of a material. Assurance you don’t over-cook the rice or they would will when all is said in done be cheap or delicate.
  • Now in the wake of wiping out all water place back on gas on low warmth. This time cover with a top and license to cook for 2-3 mins. Then again, you could strain the rice over a colander and don’t cook further. Anyway, cook for a second covered on the gas.
  • I have added very few strands of saffron that is optional. Presently switch off the gas and keep the rice covered.
  • You would see its cooked freely and isn’t crude.
  • Serve your rice with your dal, sabzi or curries.

Extra Notes:

  • Guarantee you don’t over-cook or half-cook the rice.
  • Adding saffron is likewise optional.
  • You could add 1-2 cloves, 1 edge of mace and 2 cardamom for sweet-smelling rice, it’s according as you would prefer.


Cooking rice is amazingly straightforward and less repetitive receipe, its heavenly and more beneficial likewise by and large eaten by kids too by more established people for basic digestion. It’s been said that, for new imagined kid the half-cooked rice water is the most profitable supper. For any incapacitated individual rice is the best upgrade.


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