Best Outdoor Solar Lights

The Hardoll Bright 60 LED Solar Lights Outdoor Solar

Outdoor Solar Lights

· The HARDOLL bright 60 LED solar light is one of the best-LED light you can get under a price range of 2000 Indian national rupee.

· It has a Matte finish over the top and has a high-quality materialistic finish to it.

· The design has polymer plastic finish to it with a solidly built nanofiber wire.

· It also comes with a 60 nos LED power, which means that it has a 60 LED power that can light up a whole Street.

· It also comes with a 4410 mAH battery storage.

· It has a high-efficiency solar panel installation to its top, which can fit with its accessories and different hardware instruments.

· The design has a 60 power rechargeable battery feature, which means that it has 60 LED lights directly connected to the solar panel and can power these easily.

· It has a waterproof feature, which means you can use it in the rain and various environments.

· It also comes with an ip44 rating, a decent rating according to its price segment.

· It also has a smart sensitivity mode, which means that it has a motion sensor that can switch on and off the light by thriving motion.

· It also comes with three controller dials, which can easily customize your light according to your need and handle various modes.

· The device is lightweight due to no metal used in this.

· Over to the designing panel, it has a Black Matte finish with a nanofiber Vaya design, which makes it unique, and it can break easily due to its low-quality joints and plastic cornered finish.

Impression Lights Solar LED

Outdoor Solar Lights

· The impression is a famous brand for its uses in government street lights and their tie-up in the Indian government.

· These lights are trusted and have high quality LED installed in them.

· They have a 20 watt LED chipset installed in them and have a Waterproof ip64 rated body.

· They also come with our 6-watt polycrystalline solar module, which means that it can quickly charge up the whole device in 6 to 7 hours of direct light.

· It also comes with a 16000 mAH, one of the biggest batteries you can get on this list.

· Over to the designing section become with a full-body plastic design and has a metal socket attached to it they are well built but can break as the plastic quality used in them is of low quality.

· They are a little bit on the costliest side of the list and can cost you around 4,000 Indian national rupees.

The ORSISH 30watt led Street Light.

ORSISH 30watt led Street Light.

· It comes with a full-body polymer plastic design and has a premium built to it with a clip design.

· It also comes with an aluminum die-cast coating over the top, which prevents it from various factors such as rust and rotten iron.

· It also comes with a nanofiber cable, making it faster to transfer the light speed and convert the solar energy into light energy.

· It has an 85 V to 265 V voltage capacity.

· It comes with a high-quality LED with about 50 LED lights installed and can light up a whole area.

· These lights are used in airport and bus stops, which require high-intensity light.

· Over to the designing section, it has a black and grey finish to it, which looks decent, and you can say it is one of the most attractive solar light you can get out there on this list.

· With its well-built design, it also features itself in high-quality output and can charge quickly with sunlight and can provide you with long time battery backup support.


· The Cinargo is a premium range of solar devices that has made its position in the market due to its high-quality products and object-oriented design.

· The company provides and 90 watts with 6-volt support, which can charge one solar light in one or two hours of direct sun.

· It also comes with a backup of 12 hours and can provide a battery lifespan of 8 years.

· It comes with various modes directly connected to its top surface module transmitter and has methods such as darkness and motion sensor mode.

· It is genuinely wireless, which means that it does not require any wire’s capacity to it, and it can directly work by just attaching it to the wall or whatsoever surface you are willing to attach it.

· It has an eco-friendly design.

· It is well suited for your household and architectural uses because it comes with a wireless remote control by which you can control easily.

· It comes with a black and shiny remote control, which has an attractive design to it.

· It has two receivers attached to it, which means it can assign the solar panel to a different location, and you can connect the light to a different place.

· It has an easy to reach support by its company providers, and you can contact them 24/7.

· Over to the designing, and it is one of the most premium quality solar panels out there and has a minimalistic approach towards design.

Hardell Solar Lights for Outdoor Home Garden

Hardell Solar Lights

· It is a highly efficient solar panel light suitable for your garden and night garden landscaping.

· It has auction color mode, which can get used through its remote control and its buttons installed on its surface.

· It also comes with wireless and waterproof technology with music and connected to a mobile phone, and you can also use it without using any wireless whatsoever.

· It also comes with 50 lumens of light technology, which can light up the whole area quickly with its high-intensity light technology.

· Over to the designing, and it has a narrow design towards its lower part, and it comes with a plastic and glass finish, but it is well built.

· It also comes with rubber, which is suitable for the design and its uses as it will not hurt anyone due to its sharp corners.